Making History in Glasgow

Published Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 00:13

Over the past two weeks, four ministry interns have been helping the Glasgow Church of Christ.  Nikhil Pattni, Edmund Pascual, Whitney Velez and Madeleine Martin took a month away from there “History Makers” ministry internship in Seattle to spend time to help out in churches in the UK.  They spent two weeks in Glasgow talking to students and non-Students about their faith, holding bible discussions and learning about Scottish culture and traditions, as well as visiting Edinburgh and Stirling.


While they were in Glasgow, they each shared about their faith with the church.  The women shared their testimonies and the men shared their thoughts on communion and a sermon.

Madeleine Martin’s testimony

Sermon by Edmund Pascual

We wish them well as they now spend two weeks with the church in Birmingham

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