Glasgow Church of Christ Sermons
Sermons shown
Sermon TitleSpeakerRegionDateMedia
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowThe Wall
Series: Ephesians
Mike JarvisGlasgow06/12/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowHoly Living in Everyday Relationships
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow22/11/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowHoliness & Living in Wisdom
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow15/11/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowHoliness and Love
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow01/11/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowHoliness & Living in Truth
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow25/10/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgow2 Peter 1
Series: Guest Speaker
Paul RowdenGlasgow18/10/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowTrust Is A MustMike JarvisGlasgow04/10/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowHealthy body grows - Holy living
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow27/09/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowEach part has a role to play
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow20/09/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowGrowing Through Unity to Maturity
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow13/09/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowUnited in Doctrine - Power of a Unified Message
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow06/09/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowUnited in Spirit - Part 2
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow30/08/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowUnited in Spirit - Part 1
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow23/08/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowEphesians 2 and 3 Reconciled with Each Other
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow16/08/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowEphesians 2 Christ and Relationships
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow09/08/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowEvery Spiritual Blessing
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow02/08/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowBy the Grace of God
Series: Ephesians
Paolo UgoliniGlasgow26/07/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowConfidence in God
Series: Grace
William SmithGlasgow12/07/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowUprightness
Series: Grace
Michael JarvisGlasgow14/06/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowRuth
Series: Grace
Adam BirrGlasgow07/06/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowBe More God
Series: Grace
Michael JarvisGlasgow28/05/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowWant to know the secret of Happiness?
Series: Gratitude
Bruce MillerGlasgow24/05/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowA Tale of Two Kings
Series: Gratitude
William SmithGlasgow17/05/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowThe Gratitude of the Apostle Paul
Series: Gratitude
Adam BirrGlasgow03/05/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowLet the Word of Christ dwell in you richly
Series: Gratitude
William SmithGlasgow26/04/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowHow Gods Grace Teaches Us
Series: Grace
William SmithGlasgow19/04/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowGods Grace Teaches Us
Series: Grace
William SmithGlasgow12/04/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowYou Only Live Twice
Series: Grace
Mike JarvisGlasgow05/04/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowThere is a God,and it isn't you.
Series: Salvation
Adam BirrGlasgow15/03/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowRecalibrating Righteousness
Series: Grace
William SmithGlasgow08/03/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowLife to the Full.Bob MosleyGlasgow01/03/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowThe Apostle Paul
Series: Grace
Adam BirrGlasgow22/02/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowComing Home
Series: Grace
William SmithGlasgow15/02/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowThe Grace of SalvationAdam BirrGlasgow08/02/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowDo we dare to careWilliam SmithGlasgow25/01/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgowMy Life Is So Full Why Does It Feel So EmptyPaolo UgoliniGlasgow18/01/2015
Glasgow Church of ChristGlasgow2015 - where nowMike JarvisGlasgow11/01/2015

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