Glasgow Church of Christ Sermons
Sermons shown
Sermon TitleSpeakerRegionDateMedia
Daniel Chapter 3Adam BirrGlasgow14/09/2014
Taking the Bible at Face ValueAdam BirrGlasgow24/08/2014
Here I Am Send MeCJ WakefieldGlasgow17/08/2014
Something MoreMike JarvisGlasgow03/08/2014
Achieving Our GoalsWilliam SmithGlasgow13/07/2014
The Heart of a Disciple makerAdam BirrGlasgow06/07/2014
Go Make DisciplesWilliam SmithGlasgow29/06/2014
What is a discipleAdam BirrGlasgow22/06/2014
Love Through Faith AloneWilliam SmithGlasgow16/06/2014
James 5 - The With God Life
Series: James
Adam BirrGlasgow08/06/2014
James 4
Series: James
William SmithGlasgow01/06/2014
James 3
Series: James
Mike JarvisGlasgow25/05/2014
James 2
Series: James
Adam BirrGlasgow18/05/2014
A Life That MattersEdmund PascualGlasgow18/05/2014
James 1 - Overcoming Challenges
Series: James
Mike JarvisGlasgow13/04/2014
The Good Samaritan
Series: The Love of Christ
Adam BirrGlasgow30/03/2014
Be Bathed and Stand Out
Series: The Love of Christ
William SmithGlasgow23/03/2014
Jesus Heals a Blind Man
Series: The Love of Christ
Adam BirrGlasgow16/03/2014
Compassion - Luke 6
Series: The Love of Christ
Mike JarvisGlasgow02/03/2014
Doing Gods Will and Finishing His WorkAndy FlemingGlasgow16/02/2014
The Good The Bad and The UglyAdam BirrGlasgow09/02/2014
It is All About GodMike JarvisGlasgow02/02/2014
Not the Grim Reaper but the Great ReaperWilliam SmithGlasgow26/01/2014
John 3
Series: John
Mike JarvisGlasgow19/01/2014
John 1
Series: John
Mike JarvisGlasgow05/01/2014
Series: Pauls Third Missionary Journey
William SmithGlasgow08/12/2013
Paul before King Agrippa
Series: Pauls Third Missionary Journey
Adam BirrGlasgow24/11/2013
The Power of the Gospel
Series: Pauls Third Missionary Journey
William SmithGlasgow17/11/2013
Repentance in Ephesus
Series: Pauls Third Missionary Journey
Adam BirrGlasgow10/11/2013
Start of Pauls Third Journey
Series: Pauls Third Missionary Journey
William SmithGlasgow03/11/2013
Faith not MethodAdam BirrGlasgow27/10/2013
Ten Men Healed of Leprosy
Series: Miracles of Jesus
William SmithGlasgow20/10/2013
Jesus Forgiving & Healing Paralysed Man
Series: Miracles of Jesus
Adam BirrGlasgow13/10/2013
Coin in the Mouth of the Fish
Series: Miracles of Jesus
Mike JarvisGlasgow06/10/2013
Jesus Turns Water into Wine
Series: Miracles of Jesus
William SmithGlasgow29/09/2013
Jesus Calms the Storm
Series: Miracles of Jesus
William SmithGlasgow08/09/2013
Two Greatest CommandmentsBen BradyGlasgow01/09/2013
Paul in CorinthWilliam SmithGlasgow25/08/2013
Faith of the DiciplesWilliam SmithGlasgow11/08/2013
Paul 2nd Missionary JourneyAdam BirrGlasgow04/08/2013
United We StandMike JarvisGlasgow21/07/2013
All about GodAdam BirrGlasgow14/07/2013
Grace and Mission AccomplishedAdam BirrGlasgow23/06/2013
The facebook page of GodAdam BirrGlasgow07/06/2013
Lessons From HistoryBob MoseleyGlasgow14/04/2013
Mark 10Ben HillGlasgow31/03/2013
The WordAndy FlemingGlasgow02/02/2013
Will You Marry Me?Ali BoydGlasgow27/01/2013
The Cross and GraceWilliam SmithGlasgow20/01/2013
Discipleship and LordshipAdam BirrGlasgow13/01/2013
The Word of FaithWilliam SmithGlasgow06/01/2013
A God without LimitsObi AbuchiGlasgow28/10/2012
Perfect Love Casts Out FearScott GreenGlasgow15/04/2012
Love of DiscipleshipCJ WakefieldGlasgow23/10/2011
Even Greater ThingsMulligan PriceGlasgow25/09/2011
Digging for TruthDouglas JacobyGlasgow24/05/2010
The Case for ChristAdam BirrGlasgow25/10/2009
Love One Another RelationshipsChris CagienardGlasgow11/05/2008
Science and God
Series: Biblical Teaching
John OakesGlasgow23/07/2006
Book of DanielJohn OakesGlasgow23/07/2006
Gospel of Judas
Series: Biblical Teaching
John OakesGlasgow22/07/2006
From Shadow to Reality
Series: Biblical Teaching
John OakesGlasgow22/07/2006

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