Glasgow Church of Christ Leaders

Ministry Staff

ugolinis_sm.jpgPaolo and Cara Ugolini are the evangelist and women's ministry leader of the Glasgow Church of Christ.  After serving as church interns, they entered the full-time ministry in 2004, and have since gained experience working with teens, students and married/singles community based ministries.

Paolo and Cara are original from Montgomery County, Maryland, USA and have been living in Scotland since July 2015.  They have three children, two girls and a boy.








Lay Leadership

William Smith has been part of the Glasgow Church of Christ Leadership team for a number of years and has been a member of the Glasgow Church of Christ since it was first planted in 2001.  William is originally from Kent and is married to Rønnaug who is from Norway.

Adam Birr grew up in East Anglia. Adam has been a member of a number of churches across the UK including being a member of the Glasgow Church of Christ since 2001 and has spent time in the full-time ministry. Adam is married to Kirstie, who is originally from Edinburgh, and together have three boys and a girl (all of which have been born in Glasgow).  Read Adam's quiet time journal in his blog Here

Mike Jarvis is a native Glaswegian.  He was part of the original church planting team in Glasgow and has served in numerous roles for the church over the years, currently leading a South Glasgow based family group.  Mike and his wife Marie have 2 children.




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